Cappuccino Girls


  1. Cappuccino Girls
  2. Song of Solomon
  3. Baggage
  4. For Such A Time As This
  5. Miriam's Dance
  6. Shoes
  7. Ruth's Song
  8. Waiting For Mr Darcy
  9. All Of Me (The Wedding Song)
  10. Martha
  11. Over The Rainbow

Cappuccino Girls is destined to become a favourite for all Nia's fans, but it will undoubtedly win her a few new listeners along the way.

Stand out tracks include Ruth's Song, which paints a picture of Ruth and Naomi or any two friends walking a difficult journey - and the strength they bring to one another to reach their destination. Also, For Such A Time As This a 3 minute capsule of the story of Esther. The lyrical imagery will not fail to draw you to see yourself in the life of this unexpected Queen.

However, the masculine listeners should not be put off by all this girl-talk. Whilst the needs of women were at the forefront of Nia's mind on this project, it is by no means a "women only" record. It's for anyone who finds themselves on life's journey wondering if there's something deeper, greater and bigger than life as we know it.

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